The Property

Located only 4.5km from Caacupé, the provincial capital of Cordilleras, this self sufficient holding is surrounded by nature and stunning views.

The property consists of a total of 9 buildings and an outdoor covered swimming pool over 2 plots, all designed with self sufficiency in mind. The current owners have lived here for 10 years having designed and built the property themselves.

The entrance to the property is only 950m from the main road (National Route 2) and is reached by a partly paved and concreted street that is accessible year round and in all conditions.

The property into two plots divided as follows:

Plot 1:

In total this plot stretches for 8.5 hectars with a circa 8500m2 private living area enclosed within. The grounds are landscaped with many established trees (including fruit trees), shrubs, flowers and other plants.

As you come to the end of the 650m driveway, the automatic gates open in front of the main house. The road continues past the swimming pool area to a turning island and parking for one of the guest houses.

The property was designed with self sufficiency in mind and therefore includes many features incumbent with this goal. To the rear of the main house is a 400m2 vegetable garden and 12m2 tool shed. The vegetable garden has both raised and ground level planting beds, which are partly covered with shade nets. Several water outlets are also fitted around the garden.

Beyond the main living area (out of smelling distance) is a fenced piggery with pig sty and 150m2 fenced area for grazing. Surrounding the living area is also ample roaming space for cattle and a covered pen area for them in Annex 2. Also in Annex 2 is a chicken house and slaughterhouse with chiller.

All of the plot’s water comes from a 100m deep well that lies under the property. A pump feeds 2x1000 litre water tanks housed in a 6m high water tower to the rear of the living area.

Solar panels with batteries housed on the outbuildings supply the plot with electricity. The plot also includes it's own single phase 25 KVA transformer from the main Caacupe electricity supply.

The property also comes with a 2011 Mahindra Pickup Truck. This 4x4 has had one careful owner since new and has driven circa 80,000 km.

Plot 2:

The second plot is at present undeveloped with many established trees and wildlife. The plot is approximately 6 hectares with it’s own separate entrance and partially fenced perimeter. Utilities such as water and electrical power are available along the boundary. This offers the buyer potential development opportunities. No planning permission is required in Paraguay enabling a significantly less restrictive process.


Main House

Comprised of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms the main residence is located at the front of the property.

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Guest Houses

Two separate buildings both fully equipped with kitchen and bathrooms.

Guest House 1 - Guest House 2



Overlooking the pool area this building also has a fully equipped kitchen and seating area.

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Separate buildings that have previously been used as everything from storage space to a slaughterhouse.

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