The property has two separate multi-use outbuildings.

Annex 1

This 200m2, 8 section outbuilding has been used for many different purposes with each room adaptable to the owners requirements.

Originally the largest room was used as a car repair shop as the 4m high ceilings are ideal to accomodate a car lift. The large sliding door allows easy access for vehicles up to 2.6m so the area could also be used as an additional garage for up to 3 cars.

Part of the vision when designing The Granja was self sufficiency therefore a room at the rear of the annex is built as a slaughterhouse and meat storage area. The tiled room is easy to clean with an extra wide door to provide animal access. There is sufficient space in the room to slaughter, butcher and store the meat in a chiller.

A covered pen area at the rear of the annex can be used as a shelter for cattle or other large animals. A separate section was also designed as a chicken house, another as a feed storage room. Currently one room is used as a bedroom for a gardener but this could also be used as an extra storage rooms.


Annex 2

Near to the main house and vegetable garden is a smaller outbuilding, circa 120m2. Next to the turning island in the middle of the property, this building is currently used as an additional garage and workshop. There is also a utility room with water and electricity outlets comes furnished with a washing machine and a dryer. Next to the utility room is a separate toilet and urinal (loo-tility!). A 20 feet (6m) shipping container is semi-structural to the annex and can be used as additional storage space.

A photovoltaic solar panel system with 500W and 600 Ah batteries, AC converter and charge control are also included with this building.


Check list

  • Total 320m2 outbuildings.
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Animal Selter
  • Feed Storage Room
  • PV Solar Panels + Battery
  • Workshop Areas
  • Additional Garage
  • Chicken House
  • Accessible by car